Vanessa Soares

Vanessa Soares was born in Brazil. When she was 9 years old, she came to the United Sates and began attending United Church with her mother, Cintia Gondin. Vanessa lives in Spring Valley and has two sons: Rafael, age 7, and Sean, age 5. For a little over a year, she has managed a deli in Pearl River. Like her mother, she loves to sing and sings in our Gospel Choir, now named the United Sounds of Praise. She also enjoys dancing, reading, cooking, cleaning, cosmetology, and writing poetry. As one of our Sunday School teachers, she loves to share God’s lessons and her faith with the children. Vanessa has seen her faith tested and deepened through the years and has come to trust in God and recognize His presence in her life. “He has never been bigger in my life and clearer in my eyes, than now.” The Psalms have helped her through difficult times. She is particularly fond of Psalm 125, which she reads daily.