Miguel “Hector” DeJesus

Miguel “Hector” DeJesus. Miguel is originally from the Dominican Republic. He moved to Puerto Rico in 2002 and then to New York in 2005. He has three sisters and one brother. They all live in the Dominican Republic except for one sister, who lives in the Bronx with her children. He has a daughter, Miguelina, age 8, and a son, Daniel, age 7.

Miguel first visited our church in December 2005 with his girlfriend Melanie Russell and her family. He likes the various activities we have, such as dinners and fundraisers. He feels comfortable being among us and likes how everyone is treated like family. He enjoys listening to the gospel choir and especially likes the song “All of My Help Cometh from the Lord.”

Miguel is attending school to learn English. In owns a café/disco called “The Mango” in his country and works in construction and remodeling. He particularly likes carpentry and plumbing. Among his fun activities are going to the gym and watching baseball (“Go Boston”) and spending time with his family (besides his sister in the Bronx, he has cousins living in Manhattan).

Some of you know him as Hector, a nickname his family gave to him from his earliest years.