Heather Hain

Heather transferred her membership from the United Christian Church [affiliated with the UCC and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)] in Levittown, Penn. She came to our church last fall because we are an Open and Affirming UCC, and discovered a small, family-like congregation that is culturally diverse and welcoming. Heather and her spouse, Pete Lauritzen, moved from Pennsylvania to Pomona last August. Pete is an architect. Heather directs scientific research teams at a small company that does contract pharmaceutical research. After liv-ing together for many years, Pete and Heather were married in Las Vegas February 29. Heather loves to sing and was quick to join Chancel Choir and United Sounds of Praise. Last fall she went apple picking with the youth and, expressing an interest in working with youth, became an advisor. She also likes to read, garden, and bake. The parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke is an important guide in her life. It begins with the two commandments that Jesus gave us. “God is real to me every day when I see someone helping others even in the smallest way,” says Heather, “and sharing their love without asking for anything in return.” Her favorite books of the Bible are Song of Solomon (for the poetic nature) and Rev-elation (for the imagery). Her favorite hymns are those in the minor key, mostly Lenten and Christmas, also spirituals.