Gillian Murphy-Stephans

We welcomed into our congregation Gillian Murphy-Stephans on December 21. Gillian has lived in Nyack since 2004. She and her partner, Lydia Murphy-Stephans, and their two children, Jesse and Bella, moved from Park Slope, Brooklyn. They appreciate Nyack’s proximity to Manhattan, its diversity and its fairly large gay and lesbian community. Gillian is working toward her divinity degree at Union Theological Seminary in New York with the goal of becoming an ordained ministry. Previously she free lanced as a public health and social justice writer. Gillian first came to United Church of Spring Valley with Bella on Children’s Day last year. She was looking for a local UCC congregation and liked our diversity, openness and friendliness. She has volunteered for Meals on Wheels and is involved with the Upper Nyack Elementary School, overseeing a PTA-sponsored after-school program. She also sits on a parent and teacher committee that monitors the progress of the school.