Cynthia Burrows

Cynthia Burrows has attended United Church for several years with her daughter Demetria Stewart and her family. She is proud of her two grandchildren, Vicky, who began college this fall, and Alex, who is a freshman in high school. When she decided to join our church, she wanted to do so on the same Sunday that Alex was confirmed, May 18, and did. Cynthia and the Stewarts gave up apartment living in the Bronx and moved into a house in New Hempstead. Fortunately for them and for us, Garrick and Althea Mundy were among their new neighbors. Althea brought Vicky and Alex to church, and eventually the rest of the family came as well. Cynthia is retired, having worked as an administrative assistant for the City of New York in the comptroller’s office for 25 years. She says that God has been a real presence in her life, never turning his back on her or refusing her requests.