Corey Ferrari and Janet Salinas

Corey and Janet live in Spring Valley and have been coming to our church since last Easter upon the invitation of Ray Guarnuccio. They felt welcomed by the close-knit, small-family atmosphere in which members can get to know each other.

Janet has lived her entire life in Spring Valley ex-cept for three years in Florida when she was a child. The warmth of our congregation reminds her of the Lutheran church she attended while in Florida. Janet makes plaques and awards for Crown Trophy in their shop. She loves to write, in particular novels and fan fiction, and hopes to be published someday. Her be-lief in God gives her the sense of the deeper connec-tion among all things.

Corey has lived all his life in Spring Valley and grew up Roman Catholic, attending St. Anthony’s Church in Nanuet. He is currently working in retail at Target and is looking at other job opportunities. Along with Ray Guarnuccio, he is a volunteer firefight-er with the Spring Valley Hook and Ladder Co. #1. Corey is a self-taught musician. He plays drums, bass guitar and saxophone. Corey believes that when in trouble, one should ask for God’s help and things will be resolved or worked out. He feels the calm and peaceful effect of prayer.