Clark and David Cameron-Gonzalez

Clark and David Cameron-Gonzalez joined our church this past spring. They recently moved from an apartment in the Bronx into their own house in Brewster where they enjoy gardening. David works as a social worker in Garrison. Clark is the assistant manager at Smith & Hawken in Scarsdale. Clark grew up on a farm in northeastern Pennsylvania. He enjoys playing the piano, floral design and reading. David is a native of Puerto Rico. He loves to cook, read and help others. Clark and David are former members of Marble Collegiate Church. They first came to UCSV in January of this year. They liked the diversity of the congregation and its warmth and friendliness. This spring they joined the Painting Party and painted the Upper Room downstairs off the kitchen and recently were in the crew that painted the back entrance of the church. David is currently a trustee and clerk of trustees. Clark likes gospel music and says his favorite scripture is John 15:1-17 and John 3:16. David’s favorite scripture is I Corinthians 13.