Cintia Rocha Gondin

Cintia Rocha Gondin is no stranger to our church. She sings in the Chancel Choir and has participated in the Agape Dancers. We have watched her two daughters grow up, Vanessa Soares, who now has two sons of her own, and Stephanie Vieira. Cintia was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has lived in Spring Valley for about 15 years. She arrived in the U.S. as a young widow and had left little Vanessa behind in Brazil. She had no family, no job, no home, no money, and she could not speak English. Feeling lonely and desperate, she came to the United Church one Sunday morning and found God. After that Sunday, doors opened for her, and with God’s help, she found a job and a home. Later she was able to bring Vanessa to Spring Valley. United Church continues to be the place where Cintia meets God.  Cintia enjoys sewing, singing, dancing, and playing the piano and drum. Her father was a composer and a member of a band. Her husband was also a musician, playing guitar. She collects shells and rocks, and loves to decorate.